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Garcon Key for Redskin Playoff Hopes

WikipediaASHBURN – My late grandmother’s Thanksgiving stuffing may be the single greatest recipe on Earth. But one year my mother, also a wonderful cook, forgot one little ingredient from that recipe, and even she admitted it tasted… well, less than stellar. While the Washington Redskin receiving corps may not be the “greatest on Earth (yet),” it has become exponentially better the past two weeks. There is one reason, and one reason alone for this dynamic shift in performance; the missing ingredient to a successful Redskins passing recipe has returned in Robert Griffin III’s favorite target, Pierre Garcon.

Although Griffin and the Redskin offense lit up the scoreboard during the first month of the season, the defense,

which scored four touchdowns in that time, collapsed in the second quarter of the schedule and the burden to win fell solely on the shoulders of RGIII.

Eight weeks without a healthy Garcon did not help matters and Griffin struggled to trust his receivers after several drops over the next few weeks. The wheels completely fell off in weeks eight and nine against Pittsburgh and Carolina when Washington’s wide outs, running backs and tight ends combined for 14 drops. Continue reading Garcon Key for Redskin Playoff Hopes

Redskin Offense Rattled without Davis

Wikipedia.comASHBURN – The four corner posts of the Redskin offense: Robert Griffin III, Trent Williams, Alfred Morris and Fred Davis held together an otherwise average offense through the first six weeks of the season. But since Redskin trainers aided Davis off the field during the Giants game three weeks ago, Washington’s offense – which led the NFL in scoring for more than a month – has taken a steep nose-dive in production. Davis became Griffin’s favorite target when Pierre Garcon (8 Rec/153 yds./TD) went down in week one.

The tight end tallied 31 targets, 24 receptions and 325 yards through five games and one quarter before suffering injury.

Griffin found Davis deep over the middle on a consistent basis during that time and the duo converted 17 first downs through six games. But since Davis’ injury, Griffin’s remaining targets — who have so far lacked the ability to create separation — reduced the rookie quarterback’s options and forced him to throw more slants, screens and check-downs in recent weeks – the decrease in numbers prove the fact. Continue reading Redskin Offense Rattled without Davis

National Media Now Qualifying Praise for RGIII

WikipediaASHBURN – For the first month and a half of the 2012 NFL season the national media went RGIII crazy. Recently however, they seem to have either shyly stepped away from praising Griffin or now qualify their analysis with phrases such as ‘he’s been great… at times.’

On Wednesday morning, NFL.com Senior Analyst Gil Brandt ranked his Top-12 rookies as they’ve hit the midway mark of the season. Brandt has Andrew Luck at No.1, Doug Martin at No.2 and Robert Griffin III rounding out the top-three.

I have zero argument with Luck on top. But Martin at two is questionable

in my opinion. Yes, the Tampa Bay running back blew the doors off the stadium last week with 250-plus yards and four touchdowns. Redskin rookie running back Alfred Morris (793 in 9-games) and Martin (794 in 8-games) are basically knotted up statistically; albeit Morris has played one more game. So, where does Washington’s sixth-round stud come in on Brandt’s list? Nowhere. Morris received only honorable mention. Continue reading National Media Now Qualifying Praise for RGIII