No Need to Overreact.

Giants NYThe New York Giants had high hopes coming into the 2013 Season Opener against the Dallas Cowboys. They were playing against a team they are familiar with and playing at a place that is basically their second home, The newly named AT&T Stadium. Both teams had injuries early on in the pre-season and were banged up coming into the opener. The Giants were happy to have a healthy Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz was able to suit up and play. With David Wilson looking good all pre-season the Giants knew they would be able to score on the Cowboys defense,

but no one could have predicted the way the game would start and continue to play out.

Eli Manning breaks the huddle ready to snap the ball for the first time this season. He drops back and throws an interception to Demarcus Ware after Ware read the screen play. That was the first turnover in a nightmare of an opening game. The Giants turned the ball over 6 times, but somehow they were still in the game in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys were unable to capitalize on field position and turnovers early and kept the Giants hanging around. The coverage the Giants drew up on superstar Wide Receiver Dez Bryant was nothing short of magnificent. Prince Amukamara and Corey Webster were absolute beasts coupled with the Safety over the top held Bryant to only 4 catches for 22 yards.

Even though the Giants offense did not look in sync at times and turned the ball over more times than the Jaguars scored points this week. I still think that the positives that came out of this game will prove to help them as they try to navigate through this insanely tough schedule. The Giants have an incredible opponent coming into MetLife Stadium in week 2, Eli’s big Brother Peyton. Peyton Manning is coming off setting the Football world on fire after throwing for 7 touchdowns. Which in any fans eye already has them 0-2.

Now I’m not predicting a Giants win on Sunday, but I will say, I would not be surprised if they do win. The Giants have always played Wes Welker well. He has always been able to get his catches. He had 7 catches for 60 yards the last time he faced the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, but they have been able to keep him from the huge day. If they can hold down Demaryious Thomas like they shut down Dez, your forcing the mediocre running game, Eric Decker and Julious Thomas to beat you. You know Peyton will put up his numbers and guys will get their catches, but it’s all about limiting, containing and avoiding the big play.

The Gmen will be able to move the rock on Sunday if David Wilson can hold onto the ball and the Giants can control the clock and keep it close. I still think the Broncos will be able to pull it out in the end, but don’t expect the Giants to go down lightly and don’t worry about an 0-2 start. This team should come together under adversity and find a way to pull out some wins in the coming weeks. With some winnable games coming up, the Gmen can easily make up for the rough start and make their way to .500, get healthy and try to make a run at the division or the wild card. When it’s all said and done I believe the Giants will pull out some wins to make the playoffs with a 9-7 record, negating the bad start.

Michael Ryan @boom2435

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