Miami drops to 3-2 heading into the bye week

Two cheerleaders for the Miami Dolphins footba...The Miami Dolphins dropped a close one last Sunday, losing to the Baltimore Ravens, 26-23. It was a game that Miami should have won fairly easily. The Dolphins built a lead very quickly, leading at halftime by a score of 13-6. It was a smart first half on both sides of the ball for the Phins. The offense was smooth and was able to protect Tannehill, and the defense forced Joe Flacco into a drive-ending interception. The second half was a different story.

The offensive line buckled under the pressure, and Tannehill was sacked a season high 6 times for a total loss of 35 yards.

Tannehill currently has been sacked the most in the NFL, with 24 sacks. You can’t win ball games if your quarterback is constantly under pressure and is taking sacks left and right. That is the Dolphins biggest issue right now, and it needs to be addressed fast. Tannehill needs more time to throw. His receivers are getting open, but he just simply does not have enough time to throw the ball. Jonathon Martin is a putrid left tackle, and is giving up blind side hits on Tannehill week after week. The Dolphins either need to trade for a left tackle, find a free agent, or develop some way to shuffle players along the offensive line to protect Tannehill. A slant block may be in order during some plays. Justin Tucker kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter, to make the lead 26-23. Tannehill and the offense then received the ball at their own 20, with three timeouts left. A run with Miller was unsuccessful, as it had been the whole game. A BIG play from Tannehill to Brandon Gibson a little later got the ball down to the 40 yard line, and had to call their last timeout.


Caleb Sturgis lined up to take the 57 yard field goal. His longest of the year was a 54 yarder; and it would stay that way. The kick was way short and incredibly far to the left, and the Dolphins dropped their second straight game.


Things that need to improve for the Dolphins:


  1. The offensive line. You know why…
  2. The running game. Tannehill cannot win the game singlehandedly for the Dolphins, Lamar Miller needs to step up in their next game and have a huge game, or Phins fans will get extremely used to losing again.


Going into the bye week is an omen for the Dolphins. Gives them a chance to improve their style of play, which needs to change. An extra week to work on their blocking schemes and running game, may be just what to doctor ordered to get back to their winning ways….


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