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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan at a roa...Matt Ryan the Atlanta Falcons quarterback for the last 5 years is officially heading into his 6th season with the star studded team, his teammates Julio Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez & newly acquired running back Stephen Jackson are the major play pieces in Matt Ryan’s striving success with one’s team and so much talent,  you have to wonder why such an organization on paper has the tools to compete for a Super Bowl for the last 2-3 years but always come up short due to lack of heart & guts.

With no shadow of a doubt Matt Ryan has that “IT’ factor at any given moment take a look at his stats for the last 2012-2013 season, he posted 32 TD, 14 interceptions, 4,719 yards with a quarterback rating of 99.1 pretty decent status for the resume of making it to the post season wining there divisional playoff game against the newly emergence of the Seattle Seahawks with the young quarterback Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch & his star studded “Legion Of Boom” defence anchored by Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas.

Matt Ryan took his team to the promise land by winning his first playoff game with the Atlanta in 5 years. Clearly the monkey has disappeared of his back.

Ryan has been under heavy pressure ever since the Atlanta Falcons arguably have the best wide receiving core in the NFL, Roddy White is a man amongst men & Julio Jones is clearly one of the Top 7 wide outs in the NFL also. When you look at the Falcons the first thing that comes to mind is there talent next you have to question their heart which was stated above, clearly I could sit down here and mock and jeer the Falcons organization but clearly that’s something you cannot really state or talk about. The Falcons play in a dome which is one the biggest advantages they have during any given Sunday, Monday or Thursday night it’s set up to have a clear advantage during the regular season heading into the playoffs with that first round Bye to give you the easy road to play 3 games to get to the biggest dance that ever football team dreams to be the “Super Bowl” is the biggest draw to any organization.

Ryan comes into his season 28 years of age with a huge chip on his shoulder, yes he won his first playoff game but it’s not enough for team and the young man, Matt Ryan approaches this football season with a massive chip on his shoulder for striving for better in his career. The way the NFL is shaping up today and playing in the NFC South the Falcons should easily dominate their division again. The only problem they will face again once in the playoffs is the teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins (depends on how much Robert Griffin III) will hold up & sleeper teams such as the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints  all stand his way. When looking at their schedule they start the season on the road against the New Orleans Saints which is no walk in the park and clearly you could coin flip the outcome of that game, Matt Ryan & company? Do have a mediocre schedule this year which has the outcome for 11-5 record, which will have the team easily a lock for the playoffs getting once again a bye in the 1st round.

Matt biggest focus this year is having the ability to play with even more of a chip on his shoulder he’s got the best wide receiving core in the NFL the hardest games they have on the schedule are when they have to play against the 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Saints & Packers which out of the 3 teams they will see in the playoffs, these are must win games in one’s opinion to set the record that the Falcons are the team to beat coming into the playoffs this 2013-2014 call it setting the tone for the biggest playoff game again in Ryan’s career.

When breaking down Ryan’s career there’s a lot I could mention regarding his heart & “IT” factor but that’s the topic for a different day, I will only question Atlanta Falcons & the quarterback’s heart on the football field and having the ability to show up and win games. In serious matters the Falcons are on paper  are locks to play in the NFC Champion if they can get past teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers but these are huge tasks and Matt Ryan would need to put his “talent” to work. End of the day it’s the correct statement is on paper Atlanta Falcons are a great team but I question once again there heart to get the job done. Yes they went out and acquired Stephen Jackson a power back that brings that dimension to the running game but with Atlanta they love to play 3 wide sets and throw the ball which I feel that Jackson value will come more in the playoffs as they will need to have the ability to control the running game. There pass rush has an upgrade with bringing in 2 time Super Bowl champ Osi Umenyiora to give the defense ends that edge to help Jonathan Babineaux, Corey Peters, Kroy Biermann, Cliff Mattews, Travian Roberson, Peria Jerry & Jonathan Massaquoi. It should be fun to watch these guys do some damage against the weaker offence lines they have to play against.

Final verdict is Matt Ryan is heading into his 6th season but it’s time for the Atlanta Falcons to get to the Super Bowl this year around Ryan’s predicted stats should be 32 TD, 4,500 Yards, 12 interceptions with a rating 96.1 with 11-5 record that will come with a divisional playoff spot where once again they will fall to a more dominate hungry team that wants it more. But if the Falcons can hold their own against the powerhouse’s of the NFC and possibly dodge the Seahawks or 49ers then it’s a clear road to the Super Bowl then expect the Falcons to fly into the Super Bowl but again folks when you throw faith and promise to the Falcons clearly they have the way to disappoint their fans, that’s why at best they will always fail to get to the next level.

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