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Top 10 Wide Receivers of 2012/2013

Receivers in today’s league are extremely valuable. There are so many different ways to play the position and each technique has its own importance. There are the smaller, quick receivers good for shifting gears throughout zone coverage. Then there are taller receivers good at going up for jump balls or running into the corners of the end zone. You also have your fast receivers who burn coverage and get the huge plays.

Here is a list of who the top ten receivers of next season will be.

This list is filled with the best receivers of each different way to play the position and also a few guys who can play anyway they feel like on any given play.

10. Victor Cruz: (New York Giants)

Victor Cruz finds himself at the number ten spot after accumulating some of the greatest stats as a first year starter, especially considering that he only started less than half of the NFL regular season. Continue reading Top 10 Wide Receivers of 2012/2013

Belichick Back to What Bill Does Best, Defense!

The 2011 season ended with heartbreak in New England as the New England Patriots fell to the New York Giants in the super bowl for the second time in five years. There were major holes in the defense of the Patriots this past season which is a rare sight in the “Belichick Era” in New England.

We are used to seeing a smart, tough, veteran group leading the Patriots to great season’s year in, year out.

Last season however we had to watch a young, sloppy, immature defense get carried all the way to the super bowl off of the arm of Tom Brady. Sure Vince Wilfork and others gave the defense some pushes from time to time but if you go back and watch the games it isn’t hard to notice the Patriots often won ugly. This was evident in the 6,577 yards they let up, which was 31st in the league. Continue reading Belichick Back to What Bill Does Best, Defense!

Sophomore Slumps Are Not For Superman

Year after year new players emerge onto the NFL scene with successful rookie seasons, then come back the following year with huge expectations and flop.  Well when it comes to the Carolina Panthers second year quarterback Cameron Jerrell Newton, let us just say that he had no lack of production during his rookie campaign, so some will expect to see a decrease in his production on the field in his second year.  For quite a few reasons however, I expect the exact opposite to be true.

Let me start out by just throwing his stat line out there, 35 touchdowns (21 passing/14 rushing), 17 interceptions, 4,051 yards passing, and a QB rating of 84.5. He holds not only a handful of rookie records but also many NFL all-time single season records.

One of the most impressive games he played was actually his loss to the defending champion Green Bay Packers,

where Newton became the first rookie to throw for back-to-back 400-yard games and set the rookie passing yard record of 423 yards in a shootout with the future MVP of the season Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers was quoted after the game saying, “I’m kind of glad we played him earlier in the season because when he figures it out fully, he’s going to be even tougher to stop.” Continue reading Sophomore Slumps Are Not For Superman