Bullying in the NFL

Richie IncognitoThe Miami Dolphins should be ashamed of themselves for the situation at hand involving the bully Richie Incognito and the person suffering at the other end of this Jonathan Martin.

Never before have I seen such an egregious situation involving racism in football and probably sports in my lifetime, and this wasn’t just someone that hates blacks but someone that is a violent individual.  When you call someone the N-word, threaten to slap their mother and threated to kill your own teammate you are a putrid individual who is a blatant racist and is very violent.

What I find most disturbing is how the Dolphins have handled this situation so far,

it sounds like Coach Joe Philbin has been speaking off of speeches he put together right before he talks to the media.  That is not the only issue I have with this, in an article I read on the Huffington Post’s website that was wrote by Chris Greenberg there are quotes from wide receiver Mike Wallace that I found to be surprising.  He said that he loves Richie and that many teammates still do, that this situation was Richie being himself, that he respects Richie and that he loved playing with him.  While Wallace did say that this was a serious situation following what I just listed above there is still no room to say what he did.

Not only is Wallace a big free agent signing but also a leader in the locker room which shows that this sort of behavior might have been tolerated in the locker room for some time.  It also makes me believe that this team knew about this situation that was ongoing but turned the other way or thought maybe Richie would not do this again.  That is not professional at all, and that creates an environment that allows for bullying and hazing to occur without consequence to the player(s) that are creating the issues.

Bullying and hazing are in no way a rite of passage for anything in life, why should someone be harassed and chastised with racial slurs in order to be part of a team?

The NFL better do a great job investigating this issue and those responsible for the bullying and those that chose to ignore it better be punished, that not only includes players but also the coaching staff, the GM himself Jeff Ireland and the ownership.

On a final note I seriously doubt Incognito will every play again and I truly hope he does not ever play again because players like him who abuse the privilege they have to play in the NFL don’t deserve that chance to play….

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