Eagles defeat Jets 28-10 Get down to 53 with some surprising cuts

The Eagles after last night went undefeated in the preseason for the first time since 1995 with a win over the Jets 28-10. Trent Edwards lit it up again as he has all preseason with 197 yards and two touchdowns which earned him a roster spot as the Eagles cut Mike Kafka today.

Here are all of the 22 players that did not make the cut.

Roster Cuts:

QB Mike Kafka- Could not get on the field which hurt him as Edwards was amazing in the preseason.

S Oshimigo Atogwe- Just could not stay healthy

TE Brett Brackett- Was a good pass catcher but struggled to block.

LB Keenan Clayton- Got stuck with the number of linebackers the Eagles kept. Continue reading Eagles defeat Jets 28-10 Get down to 53 with some surprising cuts

Oklahoma Sooners Pregame Preview-Week 1

This weekend the Oklahoma Sooners launch the 2012 college football season when they travel to El Paso, Texas to take on the UTEP miners.  There has been a lot of flux and change with the Sooners roster this off-season, so what should we expect on Saturday night?

When Oklahoma has the football-The highlight of this offense is senior quarterback Landry Jones.

Jones chose to bypass the NFL draft last year, and return for his senior season to become the focal point of the high powered Sooner offense.

The running game struggled last year with running back Dominique Whaley broke his ankle, and coming into this season most reports are he’s ready to play but not 100 percent.  So expect a lot of the vaunted Sooner passing offense at least early in the game. Continue reading Oklahoma Sooners Pregame Preview-Week 1

Patriots final 53 prediction

free wallpaperWith NFL rosters needing to be down to 53 by Friday at 9 pm. Here is one mans take on the Patriots final 53 for week 1.

 QB (3)

Tom Brady

Brian Hoyer

Ryan Mallett

Brady is a given.  Barring a trade Mallett and Hoyer stay.  Hoyer had a rough preseason but I’d take him in a pinch to win a game or 2. Mallett made big strides this offseason.

HB (4)

Stevan Ridley

Danny Woodhead

Shane Vereen.

Jeff Demps

Ridley has seized the #1 back  position in my opinion.  At the beginning of training camp with the release of Joseph Addai, I figured we would see a 40/40/20 split between Ridley, Vereen, and Woodhead.  Continue reading Patriots final 53 prediction