Eagles vs Steelers Recap

The Eagles won a thriller Thursday night against the Steelers with a game winning 51 yard field goal by Alex Henery. The final score was 24-23 at the Linc and I had 3 stars from each offense and defense that stood out the most. First I want to talk about the game quickly from each quarter.

First Half- The starters looked a little rusty especially the defense giving up a ton of third down conversions.

The d-line looked amazing as usual but the secondary had some miss communications.

The one touchdown the starting defense gave up was a pass to Emanuel Sanders who was being covered by Asomugha. I did not think this was Asomugha’s fault as Jarrett did not step up and swat the ball down when Sanders beat Nnamdi instead he just stood there and jogged to Sanders and was too late. Continue reading Eagles vs Steelers Recap